Department of Conservation Concession successfully renewed for another 5 years

Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. could successfully renew their Concession for Skippers Canyon. The Department of Conservation introduced new rules and limits for visits to Skippers.

“It was a difficult and long process” says Yasmine Sander, Owner of Queenstown Heritage Tours, “Negotiations about the new limits and rules went back and forth for several months but in the end, we managed to find a compromise” comments Mrs Sander further.

As part of the Department of Conservation Concession, Queenstown Heritage Tours has to report every customer to the Department and pay a levy every time they cross Skippers Bridge. “Those are costs we always had to pay and we have no problem with it. Ultimately, the revenue generated helps the Department to restore this beautiful spot as well as other conservation areas” explains Mrs. Sander.

Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd specializes in sightseeing tour into Skippers Canyon. Skippers Tours can be combined with a Wine Tour to experience a full day in the Wakatipu Basin. They employ 7 on-call Driver-Guides and have been offering their service into Skippers Canyon for more than 10 years now.



19 March 2009

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