Skippers Canyon Visitors generously supported the Fundraiser for Wakatipu High School Branches Camp

Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. today announced that it completed its fundraiser for the Wakatipu High School Branches Camp for the second time. During November, the company made its customers aware of the yearly organized camp to the Branches Station and asked for a small donation that would financially support this program.

For every dollar donated by Queenstown Heritage Tours’ customers, the company matched the donation. Through this year’s fundraiser, the company was able to collect over NZD500.--.

Just before the start of the camp, Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. handed over the content of its ‘donation bucket’. “We are very proud to be able to do this and to see the big smile on the faces as we handed over the money was just priceless!” says Mrs Yasmine Sander, owner of the company.

“As last year, the generosity of our visitors is unspoken of” explains Mrs. Sander. “We don’t take it for granted that some loose coins and even more than that were placed in our donation bucket. This motivates my entire team to keep nurturing this initiative in the coming years” comments Mrs. Sander further.

This fundraiser initiative was inspired by the feedback of Mrs Sander’s son and daughter who both are students of Wakatipu High School. “The children reported that the school lacks funds and initiatives like this can make a difference” believes Mrs Sander.

About Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd
Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd specializes in sightseeing tours into Skippers Canyon. Skippers Tours can be combined with a Wine Tour to experience a full day in the Wakatipu Basin. They employ 7 on-call Driver-Guides and have been offering their service into Skippers Canyon for more than 10 years now.

About the Branches Camp
Every year in December, Wakatipu High School takes their year 10 students to the Branches Station in Skippers Canyon. For two weeks, the students are isolated, while experiencing outdoor pursuits including abseiling, rafting, tramping, bush craft, kayaking, shooting and archery as well as training important personal and leadership skills.


26 November 2010

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