Increased Red Tape and Overhead Costs Secure the Quality of Queenstown Heritage Tours’ Services into Skippers Canyon

Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. increases their administrative work to maintain their high quality Skippers Canyon tours. Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. monitors daily the performance of their fleet and the quality of the services provided while on tour, like the commentary given, the picnic offered or Lunch at a winery. They do this by interviewing subtly the customers in regards to their performance. Customers can as well offer their feedback in writing. The collected feedback is then analysed and conclusions are drawn on areas which have to be improved.

“We don’t do this because we have nothing else to do, but we want to go from a passive-reactive approach to an active-preventive approach” says Yasmine Sander, Owner of Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd. This team firmly believes that their customers almost always recommend their tours to family and friends. Next to maintaining their high standard, they want more: “we do not want to wait for a complaint to hit our motivation; we want to make sure that no customer feels ever inclined to complain about anything at all” explains Mrs Sander further.

This change was inspired by the nation-wide review of the adventure tourism sector by the Tourism Industry Association. Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd is convinced that every visitor to New Zealand should be absolutely safe every time they sign up for an activity.

As part of the yearly review of Queenstown Heritage Tours’ operation, Qualmark assesses their current state. The results of this initiative will benefit future Qualmark Assessments as detailed explanations can be given in regards to the company is operating.

Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd specializes in sightseeing tour into Skippers Canyon. Skippers Tours can be combined with a Wine Tour to experience a full day in the Wakatipu Basin. They employ 7 on-call Driver-Guides and have been offering their service into Skippers Canyon for more than 10 years now.



15 October 2009

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